Lava Hound Balloon Attack Strategy for Clans WAR

Lava Hound Balloon attack strategy is less popular than the combination GOWIPE or GOWIHO, perhaps because rarely can earn 3 stars. However, some players COC hack gems consecutivelty Lava balloon is so well that produces 3 stars for clannya. How do they do that?

I will give one example of how to attack by using this combo, you need the troops in the form of:
4 Lava Hound least level 2
20 Balloons must be level 6
Barbarian King minimal level 10
Archer Queen minimal level 10
3 Rage spell level 5
3 Haste spell at least level 2
Clan castle filled balloon 6 level 6 and 1 haste spell
As usual before attacking, you have to make a plan of attack and look for weak spots enemy base. To do this Lavaloon attack your enemy base should at least have a low level or Air defense Air defense is placed slightly outside the base.

See examples base below and see how to attack:

We will be targeting Air Balloon defense first so that you can survive and finish building another defense. First remove the balloon in the Clan Castle mu bit far corner so you have time to pull out other troops before the enemy defenses shoot your balloon.

Strategi Serangan Balon Lava Hound

Remove Lava Hound is spreading. Lava serves as a shield which withstand the attack of the enemy defense building, in addition to the Lava Hound you need to be demolished in order to become Lava Pup’s and attack other buildings later.

Balloon Attack Lava Hound th 9
Remove all balloons are spread behind Lava Hound earlier and be prepared to issue a Spell Haste.

Serangan Balon Lava Hound th 9 coc

When your balloon had entered deeper into the enemy base, remove Haste spell is spread out in front of the balloon to accelerate the movement.

Serangan Balon Lava Houn coc th 9
Help your troops with Rage Spell when they began to approach Air defense enemy. Remove the rage in front Air Balloon and Lava defense that could be more quickly destroy it.

Recently remove the Barbarian King and Queen Archer to help destroy the buildings outside the base, waiting for the results, then you will get 3 stars.
In the example above, the Clan caste enemies do not be lured out because he uses his Lava Hound in CC.
But if your enemy is using Naga or other troops in their Castle Clan cheat coc hack gems tool, you can lure them out using Hog Rider and finish the corner of the arena by using some or Wizard assisted Archer Archer Queen

Synopsis for Dorry Movie Update reviews

After waiting for about 10 years, eventually the animation studio Pixar Disney issued a movie sequel to “Finding Nemo” ie, “Finding Dory / Finding Dory”. Finding Dory background story one year after Marlin and Dory managed to find Nemo. One day, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is becoming an assistant teacher at the school Nemo (Hayden Rolence), asked by children about the origins of his family. He who did not know about his childhood, trying to remember aloud. But because Dory disease, short term memory loss, he decided to look for his family to ask for help Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo to accompany him.

After her journey with Nemo’s father (Albert Brooks), this time turn Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), which will go an adventure to find his family. Forgetful blue fish was suddenly recalled his childhood memories, which is about the gems of Morro Bay, California.

Together Marlin, Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and Hank (Ed O’Neill) an octopus kind, Dory roam the oceans to again meet with his family. Although Dory just rely on memory and instinct to keep swimming find a home and parents. Obstacles sometimes make Dory forget what the goal pengembaraanya. The more suits him because apart from Nemo and Marlin.

I chose a movie Finding Dory bahsa Indonesian version, Finding Dory. Since I took my sons, so the choice is more digestible Indonesian my son. Initially I thought only sounds are transferred to Indonesian. But some writing in the film also translated so easily accepted by children Games movie.

Ok, departing from Finding Nemo, Finding Dory has the same spirit. Kahangatan family, a beautiful friendship, and courage to find a way out of every problem. When the problem at hand, do not give face it, there will be a way out of the unexpected.

Finding Dory has a simple story. Not complicated, just one goal this film, looking for the father and mother Dory. So there’s no need to wonder story of this film. The belief in the child becoming a big theme in this film. Finding Dory will teach you how to be a parent who can build the character of children to be confident.

Safe Tips Leaving Home At homecoming Lebaran

The month of Ramadan is a month that is always eagerly anticipated attendance by all Muslims throughout the world. In the month of Ramadan, all Muslims who are already qualified are required to fast, namely hunger and thirst as well as anything that break the fast from sunrise until sunset.

However, the length of which is about a 13 hour fasting does little to make people feel limp body and become less fit. This ultimately impact on taste lazy to grind during fasting. Because it’s not a few people who prefer to work a reduced schedule during fasting.

Supposedly fasting is not a reason for us to be lazy. Therefore, maintaining a healthy body to keep it healthy and fit during Ramadan is very important. Quoted from page Khaleejtimes, the following are tips on healthy during Ramadan that can be applied.

  1. Plan always schedule and diet to ensure that you can get the nutrients, hydration, and rest required.
  2. Do not skip the meal. Eat at meal time is very important to run fast to stay healthy and fit. However, avoid overeating at dawn, it is important not to drowsiness during the day while fasting.
  3. Choose foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein, fruits, vegetables and water banya. For example, eggs, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, orange slices and two glasses of water.
  4. To limit the hydration faster, so you should limit outdoor activity during fasting. Limit physical activity and rest as much as possible to reproduce.
  5. Breaking fasting healthy is to not overeat. Consumption of dates and milk or water. After Maghrib Prayer, and abisa continue to consume a light menu, such as soups and fresh fruits.
  6. To maintain hydration after breaking the fast, so be sure to drink 8 glasses of water after breaking the fast until bedtime to prevent dehydration easier time fasting tomorrow.
  7. Mild exercise, such as walking for 15-20 minutes is useful to make the body fit. Preferably, light physical activity is done at night.

Those are some tips on how to keep your body to stay healthy and fit during fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. May be useful.

Bamboo Fence Design Model Minimalist Home Latest

Fence besides having function as protectors can also be a barrier region, regardless of the fence can also be as accessories to beautify the appearance of occupancy us, if viewed from materials in use fences can be made of brick, iron, wood or bamboo, on the model of a house own minimalist many types of fences that we can use, and then how nice fence for a minimalist home? each house must have their own design models and therefore of course the pagarpun need to be adjusted to keep pace.

But for those of you who want to add a natural impression in your home, it would not hurt if you mencba fence that bermaterial bamboo, many types of bamboo that we can use to enhance your home in terms of exterior, for example yellow bamboo and petung, how merangkainyapun vary according to imagination you, can be vertically or horizontally, to provide an overview of the model of the bamboo fence, I will try to give some examples.

Bamboo Fence Model Image Minimalist

many designs that we can use to make a bamboo fence, the following are examples.


Bamboo fences also looks unique and beautiful if combined with natural stone materials, in addition to having the elements of modern but natural feel awake, whereas for the application of bamboo fence you can memvariasikannya by way of embroidering into a fence or put together according to your tastes.

In general, bamboo fences often encountered in the countryside yet possible types of models in use too monotonous, like splitting bamboo into several parts and to stringing into a fence, bamboo is also very beautiful when in the mix with garden decorated with flowers or other ornamental plants , so that would make the home atmosphere became more cool and beautiful.

If you have limited funds you can try to model the type of bamboo fences as above are only made from bamboo is cut round and tied by rope simple but still look beautiful.

You can design a bamboo fence at will and willingness, as I explained above earlier use your imagination to turn the home atmosphere is certainly more relaxed,

Such was the picture of a bamboo fence minimalist home can certainly inspire you, hopefully this article on a bamboo fence can provide solutions for you who are still confused in choosing a bamboo fence that you create.

Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Plants

Decorating with Plants

Decorate with plants is the trend of the moment. Very cool has always been having plants in the House interior and combine different types and styles to give a more natural environment at home, but now they are more fashionable than ever. We discover the why is that in addition to its multiple benefits as debug environment (Photos, Ficus, anthuriums and tapes), purify the air and control the humidity (Ivy, Palma cana, Peace Lily and Clavel del aire). The plants are an element of the more attractive when it comes to decorating its innumerable possibilities. They provide warmth, colour, texture and freshness to our home and complement the décor of each room. And it is that plants are not only for the terrace or the balcony. Placed in the living room, baths and up to in the kitchen. the philosophy of Feng Shui long ago which introduced them as a primary element. They hang like spiders from our roofs and walls taking over the entire House as vertical gardens. They become mini interior with so-called terrariums gardens. It has the time to break your previous schemes and prejudices when it comes to decorating. Leave plants to flood your home with joy and well-being. Here you put 6 great to decorate with them ideas and what you can do.

Create a composition with boxes or shelves

Combining pots and vases of different sizes and colors. Create groups within fruit shelves as boxes. You can also use a ladder by way of shelves or even painted bricks or recycled pallets. Or simply place them on any piece of furniture in a corner in front of the window or in a corner of the sofa.

Create your own vertical gardens

We also call it hanging plants. You can do it easily with the help of a recycled pallet, a wood magazine rack, several vessels type metal containers, hanging pots kitchen, cans, or even Wicker baskets. There is furniture in the market that you can buy to hang on the wall type planters. They work very well with fat as the cactus plants or herbs for the kitchen.


Terrariums are mini-jardines in containers. They are creations of floral art. Often done in glass jugs, but the possibilities are endless and free. They are usually made up of land, sandstone or decorative stones, MOSS and plant fats. They are like mini-greenhouses at home. They are not complicated to do and are very grateful for their durability and elegance when it comes to decorate any corner.


Cheat unlimited gems for Castle Clash – Android/iOS


Some of you know without doubt the most famous mobile premium through Clash of Clans or Boom Beach both edited by Supercell, the giant of the mobile game. Hey well Castle Clash makes us think at many points to the latter (and many others) their goal is to make you addicted to the world of their game to finally make you pay inside the more that you have never been able to pay through a play more classic.

The objective is therefore once again to offer you tips for cheating inside even Castle Clash, all this without ever risking to banish the game.

For newcomers on our platform, let me introduce you : we are now the leader in mobile cheats all games combined. We of course didn’t have time to work on all existing games today-time but our teams are working full-time! If you have a special request please contact us in the comments.

The acquisition of gems within Castle Clash is manage directly inside the application, you can indeed buy your gems in a few Pats of fingers… but do you really want to spend tens, hundreds or see even thousands of euros for a mobile game. The question is here!

Our motives are today very simple: be able to allow those who do not have the means to get paid resources in their favorite games of these latest unlimited.

It is indeed very easy to our team of developers to find effective faults in many games that our users offer us, the fault that we found in our testing and Pen-tests on Castle Clash are very slight faults but that still allow us to access invisibly to the party secured for the generation of Gold and Gems.

Our biggest problem was once more to ensure that our cheat Castle Clash is no safe and completely invisible to the use.

A test of several months has therefore done on our cheat online software to ensure that the latter will constitute a no faults and especially does not cause your account to make you banish. Today we are loud and clear, it is possible thanks to to generate Gold, Mana or unlimited Gems in Castle Clash!

How does our Castle Clash Cheat?

The use of our dedicated to castle clash cheats tool is very simple: it is actually a completely secure online generator.
We strive to get a non-downloadable tool that you will be easy to use at your leisure.

As we have told you earlier, our few months of testing within Castle Clash were more than successful.

On a hundred tested accounts, with generations of different gems on each account (and we do not not went there hand dead on some accounts) it is that all are still playable, and none received the slightest warning or banishment to this day.

The tests are not stop, after these we affirm today that using our “Cheat Castle Clash” is absolutely safe for the life of your account, and we make sure to day to day that it is always the case.

If there should be any doubt our generator would fully disable in order to be correct and delivered online.

You’ll be the first to know and article that you are reading wouldn’t even there.

How to use the Castle Clash Cheat for unlimited gems?

  • Click on one of the many buttons for accessing the present generator on this page.
  • Enter your nickname Castle Clash in the box of the generator provided for this purpose. (No password connection only will be required.)
  • Choose the number of pieces of gold and mana gems you want to add to your account in 2 clicks.
  • Wait a few seconds (seldom more than one minutes)
  • Restart your game.
  • They will appear in the game in a few moments!

We wish you all an excellent game, have fun, enjoy it without becoming slaves of a handful of gems to several tens of euros to each time.

Sony Xperia X, these are their prices and availability in Spain


As we learned at the Mobile World Congress, Sony leaves behind its range of flagships Xperia Z to make way for its new family: the Xperia X. After several rumors about your hardware and to a comparative first, leave at last in pre-purchase official way throughout Europe.

Indeed, Sony has today unveiled the prices the Xperia X and Xperia XA Perfomance, its first three members of the range Xperia X, along with any other offer to make more attractive the offer.

Price and availability of the new Xperia X in Spain

As we read on their official website, we can already book the first units of the new range of Sony, in Spain and throughout Europe stops. As a result, we know officially their prices by country, and is that in Spain are more expensive than in the rest of Europe.

Price and availability of Xperia X Perfomance

The new Sony finally ends with the rumors that come out only in Japan and goes on sale with a starting price 729 euros, while in the rest of Europe, will be 30 euros cheaper.

It should be recalled that such a device will integrate the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, a metallic design resistant to water and dust with certified IP65/68. Sony says on its website that the first deliveries would begin in early July.

Price and availability of the Xperia X

The median of the three, which we know will be like on the inside, will be released in Spain at an official price of 629 EUR, i.e. 100 cheaper than his older brother. It is estimated that first deliveries be made effective at the end of May.

In the rest of Europe, it will come out with an official price 599 euros, in addition to the possibility of a 50% discount to buy the 2 SmartBand of Sony, that would leave you by about 64 euros always and tale reserves already this Xperia X.

Price and availability of the Xperia XA

The smallest of all, available in four colors, will be released for 329 euros, so you already intuits that in the rest of Europe it will be with an official price of 299 euros. It is estimated that the first deliveries will begin to arrive between May 3 and July 19.

Buy Xperia XA

In short, Sony has established prices inflated what specifications is concerned, above all in these two latest Xperia X and Xperia XA, although we will have to wait for the review to confirm it. You can check the information and pre-compar these devices official online store.

What do you think of these initial prices? Do Xperia X which makes you more grace?

Clash Royale and the best strategy Cards games


Games of strategy cards? I’ve always said that no, these games does not like me. But, as happens with the palate when we are small, our taste is evolving and is when is something different that we discovered a new pleasure. With the recent launch of Supercell Clash Royale I had the perfect opportunity to awaken new flavors and test new games. The result has been very positive.

In the episode of VICIA2 today we will make a review of the best strategy games of cards that there are, according to our criteria. Well, above all in the opinion of our colleague Alex Beech. Is that to me, this kind of games… as that no.

Hearthstone (Windows| Mac|iOS| Android)

Hearthstone is a game which must appear in any list of games of cards. It is the favorite of many and the most natural way of any fan of Magic: The Gathering of passed to the digital environment. The main objective is to attack your enemy using your henchmen and your attacks in the form of encanterios which you summon spending your mana.

Before the battle, you have to build your deck, selecting your cards well not to pass troubles later. These are mixed randomly and form your hand at the beginning of the battle. Don’t forget to look well how much mana requires every kind of character. World of Warcraft fans will instantly have a basic idea of what each type of troop skills and how they work together, since the universe of the renowned video game from Blizzard is represented in all aspects of the game of cards.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (iOS| Android)

In a principle it seems that this should not come within the category of strategy games of cards, but to unlock new characters and skills in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes need Data Cards, so why include it in the list. Part of that is a great game. The type of action closely resembles the classic struggle for shifts we know games like Final Fantasy.

After choosing your equipment, always well balanced (one style tank as Chewbacca, another more podernoso as Conde Dokky, etc either to go on a mission or to enter the arena, start with attack mode shift where the most important thing will be selecting a good order of attack. It is also important to bear in mind what abilities activate before, since some of them take more time to load than others.

Clash Royale (iOS| Android)

Finally, the game that inspired the theme of the episode today, Clash Royale. This new game from the masters of Supercell is a very original mix of genders defend the tower and strategy cards game. The Supercell already have experience in these genres, especially the first with games like Boom Beach or Clash of Clans.

Once enter in game you will see that your goal is to take on the rival King, on the other side of the River, and choose which troops use to put an end to its three towers of Defense, considering that there are only two entrances – two bridges – and each character has a different ability. Also here also you have to use the clash royale hack tool to get some amount of energy (elixir) to invoke each troop type. The elixir is filling, but you have to be extremely careful with the times and the number of troops that you flip.

Do cards strategy games you miss? Share them in the comments!


Tourism Raja Ampat, Papua Most Exotic

Tourism Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most exciting travel destinations have been documented in the documentary titled “Edis Paradise 3” to premiere in Switzerland. The documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the natural beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in Papua which is referred to as the Amazon of the Seas of the World. The nickname was girded for the position of Raja Ampat is in the center of the world’s coral triangle. Raja Ampat is included in the territory of West Papua is a group of islands with 610 islands spread, but has only 35 islands are occupied by residents.

raja ampat

Keep in mind that 75% of fish species in the world are in the waters of Raja Ampat. Ocean in Raja Ampat is a natural ecosystem that is still awake kelesetariannya until now. The high strategic value of natural causes the sea in Papua Raja Ampat in Papua travel are protected by the laws of Indonesia.

This is to prevent various acts of destruction of marine ecosystems solely pursuing business advantage. Not without reason! Raja Ampat Tourism has become the focus of world travel at the present moment.

Raja Ampat in Papua Travel offers a number of attractions that are in great demand by foreign tourists in particular, namely diving. Activity diving (underwater diving) and snorkel in Raja Ampat will show the natural beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in Papua so fascinating, with various species of fish and coral reefs that live naturally. Diving in Raja Ampat will show you a variety of different species of fish that have never even known before. Remember, 75% of fish species are in Raja Ampat. Have you seen manta rays? Stingray’s body width even reached 2 m.

At least there are 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral and 699 invertebrates that you can find in the underwater world of Raja Ampat. For diving, you will be accompanied by experts and using diving equipment are complete. If you ever do diving at other beaches, then you will be so amazed at the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat Papua. Coral reefs are living becomes a food source thousands of species of fish and other marine species. Ecosystems are very natural and so dazzling that makes Raja Ampat dubbed Amazon World Ocean.

Some people mention Raja Ampat in Papua travel are tourist paradise hidden owned by Indonesia. Tourism Raja Ampat may be crowned as the underwater nature’s most dazzling owned by Indonesia. Which can rival the beauty of underwater nature may only travel in Sabang Weh Island, Aceh. If the sights Raja Ampat is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, then travel Sabang Pulau Weh is in the most western part of Indonesia.

Interestingly, the two sites with his diving activities including the most attractive in the world just got a great attention of foreign tourists. The interest of foreign nationals and the number of visits with an upward trend after time makes both tourist spot northwest Indonesia have become so popular in international circles. Indeed, the journey of the domestic audience that is lost in the sea to visit tourist attractions.

Admittedly, the cost factor is the main cause that made domestic tourist arrivals to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat Papua is still relatively small. Conditions in Papua’s infrastructure is not adequate and the cost of transportation to / from Papua makes a point of interest in Papua has not visited by tourists Indonesia. Not to mention about the accommodation and logistics costs to be incurred during travel in Raja Ampat enjoys it.

Unlike the foreign tourists who have a higher level of income than the citizens of Indonesia, better financial conditions that enable them to enjoy diving as one of the attraction’s most popular Raja Ampat. It likewise seen in a tourist area in the Weh Island Sabang Aceh. The level of foreign tourist arrivals more than domestic tourists.

Any attraction Raja Ampat?

Diving and snorkeling is one of the tourism activities of the most famous Raja Ampat. However, you should know that the tourist attractions in Papua also has a dense forest, a cluster of limestone colorful, various species of rare plants, as well as sea turtle nests on the beach. Most tourists will surf in Raja Ampat because these places have a sea waves quite challenging.

Several islands in the Raja Ampat most frequently visited is Wayag, Waiwo Island, Coral Island, Islands Gam and Arborek Island. If you want to see birds of paradise that become unique wildlife Papua, you can visit the islands Gam. There are 4 types of birds of paradise that live in the Gam Islands, the red bird of paradise, bird of paradise large, small paradise, and paradise split rattan.

If you are challenged to climb the rock, go to Coral Island. On this island you will climb the rock on slopes up to 90 degrees. If successfully reached the top, you will be amazed by the panoramic beauty of Raja Ampat. At the top of the reef, you can see keselurahan green island surrounded by blue water.

Transportation routes to travel Raja Ampat

To arrive at the Raja Ampat islands, the closest place reachable aircraft is the town of Sorong, a distance of about 6 hour flight from Jakarta. Normally the aircraft will transit in Makassar or Manado. Airlines have scheduled flights to Sorong include Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air and Merpati. Next, you will go Waisai, capital of Raja Ampat. It is located in the city Waisai Waigeo Island, one of the four main islands (the big island) in the Raja Ampat Islands. The large island in Raja Ampat Misool Island, Salawati Island, Batanta island, and the island Waigeo.

Surgical operations from time to time

People have been practicing surgery since time immemorial. But not until the 19th century surgery becomes an important science and and valued. The development knowledge about the human body, the discovery of anesthesia (painkiller), and the use of anti-septic for the sterilization of surgical tools supporting the development of surgery. Today, surgery is practiced by a surgeon has become the way that modern medical treatments are very effective and safe.

pembedahan oleh seorang dokter bedah

Surgery is the way the treatment of diseases, deformities and injuries through a procedure called the operation. Surgery can be used to repair damaged or broken bone, stopping uncontrolled bleeding, move the organ or tissue that is diseased or injured, and to reconnect the severed organ or muscle.

Surgical operations that have been performed since ancient times by the surgeon. However, once there is no antiseptic to kill germs. Therefore, the ancient surgical operation performed by the tool and the rooms were not sterile. As a result, surgery is often successful, but many patients who died after surgery. This is caused by infection of the surgical tool by germs.

In the 1840s there was a gynecologist in Hungary named Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis. He found a way to prevent the occurrence of fever after childbirth. Fever occurs due to infection and extremely dangerous and cause the death of mothers after giving birth. In addition to the infection, death is caused by unhygienic operating methods, Therefore, dr. Ignas forced to carry the infection prevention using antiseptic prophylaxes who was in on by the hospital.

Now, antiseptic has been found and common in use by a heart surgeon, plastic surgery, oral surgery. Surgery procedures are now to be done in a state of sterile (germ-free). Surgical tools used must be sterilized beforehand. The room where the surgery had to be a sterile room. In addition, the surgeon who performed the surgery must wear gloves, masks and headgear that everything is clean and sterile.

With the procedure is done, now the success rate of surgery is increasing. Danger of infection of patients after surgery are increasingly unavoidable.